Phi Kappa Phi National Awards

The National Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi offers a number of scholarships and awards. A brief synopsis is given below. Please visit the National Awards section of the national website for more details and information on how to apply.]

Dissertation Fellowship
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi awards 15 Dissertation Fellowships of $10,000 each year to active members who are doctoral candidates and are completing dissertations. The fellowship supports students in the dissertation writing stage of doctoral study. Awards are for 12 months of dissertation writing.

Distinguished Service Award
The Ray Sylvester Distinguished Service Award honors an individual who has provided sustained, non-compensated volunteer service to others beyond the realm of academia. The award recipient receives a $1,000 honorarium, a life membership and a recognition citation. The award is given once per biennium. Students are not eligible for this award.

Graduate Research
For graduate students interested in traveling  to further their career development opportunities, Phi Kappa Phi awards $1,500. Those receiving the grant must be traveling to conduct or present research, and may not be a Phi Kappa Phi Fellow or have received a previous Dissertation Fellowship.

Love of Learning Awards
Love of Learning Awards help fund post-baccalaureate studies and/or career development for active Phi Kappa Phi members to include (but not be limited to): Graduate or professional studies, doctoral dissertations, continuing education, career development, travel related to teaching/studies, etc. Recipients of the Fellowship award are not eligible to apply. Two hundred awards, at $500 each, are distributed each year.

Literacy Grants
The Literacy Grants program was initiated to mobilize members and resources of Phi Kappa Phi and the higher education community to champion literacy initiatives. Grants of up to $2,500 are available to Phi Kappa Phi chapters and individual members to fund ongoing literacy projects or to create new initiatives.

National Fellowship
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi currently awards fifty-four Fellowships of $8,500 each, six at $20,000 each, and two at $35,000 to members entering the first year of graduate
or professional study. Each active Phi Kappa Phi chapter may select one candidate from among its local applicants to compete for the Society-wide awards.

Pioneer Award
Pioneer Awards are designed to encourage and reward undergraduate members for developing the research, engagement and leadership skills necessary to become a successful scholar. Fifty $1,000 awards are distributed annually.

Scholar and Artist Awards
First presented in 1974, the Scholar Award recognizes excellence in teaching, research, and public service. In 1983, the Artist Award was established to recognize the achievements of those who have displayed talents in the broad realm of the arts–creative, graphic, performing, visual, and/or fine arts. Awardees receive $1,000 honoraria, a life membership and a recognition citation. Each award is given once per biennium. Students are not eligible for this award.

Study Abroad Grants
Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants are designed to help support undergraduates as they seek knowledge and experience in their academic fields by studying abroad. 125 grants of $1,000 are awarded each year.